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Golden Lotus Sai Temple Design

The designer theme of the Golden Lotus Sai Temple is suggested by the Dr. Manoj Lanjewar which is based on the Victoria Amazonica a Giant Water Lily found in the Amazon basin in South America. Primarily in Guyana, Brazil and Bolivia. Victoria amazonica is also known as Victoria regia (literally Queen Victoria) The largest of all water lilies, the Victoria water lily is found in the warm, still waters of the Amazon River.

It was originally discovered in Guyana by the Victorian explorer Sir Robert Schomburgk in 1837. A member of the genus Victoria placed in the Nymphaeaceae family.

General Description

The giant Amazonian water lily requires a very large glasshouse with a deep, heated pool deeper water producing larger leaves. The water is kept at a constant 29℃ and the air temperature in the glasshouse has a minimum day temperature of 24℃ and a night minimum of 19℃. However, in summer temperatures of up to 30℃ during the day are common.

One of the most remarkable features of this plant is that it can be grown as an annual, with seeds being germinated in late winter and then transplanted into a heated pool in late spring. By midsummer the gigantic leaves are well developed and the spectacular flowers form. A leaf first appears on the surface as a huge fat bud, studded with spines. Within a few hours, it bursts open and starts to spread.

The most interesting thing about this flower is the large leaves that it creates. The leaves can grow up to 46 centimeters in size and can hold up to 136 kilograms, the leaves are flat before growing rims on the edge of the leaf. The leaves are strong and stiff thanks to the strong bottom of the leaves.

The bottoms are covered with spines to help support the ribs. The bottom of the leaf is maroon in colour. The undersides of the giant leaves inspired one of the most famous examples of Victorian architecture. Noting the wonderful structural bracing formed by the massive leaf veins on the underside of the leaves.

The Victoria Amazonica Water Lily.

White and Pink Color of Victoria Amazonica

First evening

The pure-white flowers open during the evening with a pineapple-like fragrance. A chemical reaction inside the flower heats the bloom to as much as 12℃ (20℉) above the ambient temperature.

Second evening

As daylight approaches the flower shuts, The flower reopens the following evening as a dark pink.

Importance of the Organism

To the Ecosystem Giant Water Lilies are very helpful to some species, for example the Lily Trotter. The Lily Trotters walk on the leaves and obtain their food source (insects) from the water lily.